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Lesson Transcript

Salām be hamegi! Man Anita hastam. Hi everybody! I’m Anita
Welcome to PersianPod101.com’s “Persian in 3 minutes.” The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Persian.
In the last lesson, we learned the phrase Bebakhshid, āyā shomā englisi sohbat mikonid? "Excuse me, do you speak English?" We used the word Bebakhshid, which means "excuse me" in Persian.
In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to use Bebakhshid and other words when apologizing in Persian.
Bebakhshid is used in situations like when we are ordering something in a restaurant, or asking for something in a store, and so on. For example:
Bebakhshid, yek qahve lotfan. "Excuse me, one coffee please."
We can also use it when asking a question:
Bebakhshid, Takhte Jamshid kojāst? "Excuse me, where is Persepolis?"
Similar to English, there is no informal way to say "excuse me" in Persian. The meaning is already polite. Persian people just ask questions more directly when speaking to a friend. But to make it polite, you can add lotfan, meaning "please" to the start or end of a phrase, when asking for something.
Lotfan yek qahve midi? "Can you give me a coffee, please?"
We also use Bebakhshid in a sentence when apologizing. This can be used both formally and informally, but in a more casual situation it can also be shortened to Bebakhsh, as in:
Man rā bebakhsh. "Forgive me."
[slowly] Man rā bebakhsh.
Please note that the way we *say* this phrase is different than the way it's actually *written*. The proper way is: Man rā bebakhsh.
First we have the word man, or ”me”. Next, we insert "Ra" which is always used grammatically after the object of a verb. In this case, it was “me.” Finally, we have the command verb bebakhsh, meaning "(you) forgive."
Man rā bebakhsh. “(You) forgive me.”
But you will always hear it as:
Marā bebakhsh.
Now it’s time for Anita's Advice.
In Persian, just like American English, we usually don't say "excuse me" when asking for something from a friend. But when we want to ask something or call upon a friend, like "Hey, do you know..." or "Look, what is...," Persian people use bebin which literally means "look."
It is very common in casual speech.
Bebin, Takhte Jamshid kojāst? "Hey, where is Persepolis?"
Can you count in Persian? In the next lesson, you will learn the numbers from 1 to 10.
I'll be waiting for you in the next Persian in 3 minutes lesson.


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Thursday at 06:30 PM
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Hi listeners! Have you ever been in the situation of not being able to apologize in Iran?

PersianPod101.com Verified
Monday at 07:53 PM
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Dear Esther

Thank you for your question.

"hameh" همه and "hamegi" همگی almost always can be used interchangeably. They can be adjective or adverb.

"hame"/"hamegi" mean "all" or "every". Say hello to all the people in the room. "beh hame-ye (hamegi-ye) afraad dar otaagh salaam kon" or "beh hame too otaagh salaam kon" (informal)."I said hello to every one" can be translated to "beh hameh salaam kardam.

But in "Hello everyone" I would choose "salaam beh hamegi".

"Hello to all my friends" --->"salaam beh hamegi-ye doostanam"

Hamegi sounds more formal.

Hope it helps.

Good luck,


Team PersianPod101.com

Esther Grüninger
Friday at 09:08 AM
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I have a question: the lesson begins with " salâm be hame-gi". I didn't understand and looked in the dictionary. I found the sentence "salâm be hame". Why do you put this ending -gi?

Thanks for answering


PersianPod101.com Verified
Friday at 10:29 PM
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Dear George,

We are glad to hear you are making such fast progress.

Please keep on the good work. Having Persian speaking friends is an advantage and in long term is very helpful. It keeps you motivated to learn more and more.



Team PersianPod101.com

Saturday at 04:52 AM
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Recently I have started seeing a Persian woman and she has a large amount of Persian speaking friends. I paid for a 3 month subscription and in a single night I was able to use all the basic greetings and begin to count. Her friends fall all over themselves when I greet them in Persian, or tell them my phone number in Persian. I have learned more phrases using this program then learning with her. I look forward to continuing my learning with you.

PersianPod101.com Verified
Wednesday at 01:36 AM
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Hi Sara,

We're so glad that you loved the videos!

Currently there are five of these 3 Minutes Videos available for Persian.

But you'll be able to see more of them, in case they are added.

You may also check the "Learn with Video" for Beginner, & "Learn with Pictures" for Absolute Beginner levels. Hope to see you soon again!


Team PersianPod101.com

Thursday at 09:40 PM
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How do I get access to more of these videos? I love them! :heart: