Meet the Team

Team Members

Christine Hayrapetyan Christine Hayrapetyan An Armenian who was born and raised in Iran, Christine learned English parallel to Persian and Armenian, and has an Associate degree in Animation. She works as a translator for a variety of texts in English, Persian, and Japanese.
Mohammad Reza Mansournia Mohammad Reza Mansournia Mohammad was born in Tehran, Iran. He speaks Persian and English. He graduated from Shahid Beheshti University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s degree, and graduated from a PhD in Virology from the University of Tokyo in 2009. Currently he is finishing his post doctoral research at the University of Tokyo. His main interests are watching movies, traditional Iranian music, Iranian poetry, and soccer.
Sarah Moradi Sarah Moradi Sarah was born and raised in Zanjan, Iran. She is a native Persian speaker, and also speaks English and Japanese. She holds a BA in Industrial Engineering. She enjoys reading, playing piano and swimming. Sarah is very glad to be working with the team. She hopes that the listeners will enjoy her work as well.
Anita Ahmadi Anita Ahmadi Anita was born in Iran. She’s a native speaker of Persian, but also speaks fluent English, Japanese and Spanish. She enjoys reading books, riding bikes, and traveling to new places—especially those of historical significance. She has taught English to Japanese people living in Iran and Japan. She always motivates her students by saying the best way to learn a language is to use any available materials around them.
Mehrnaz Owrak Mehrnaz Owrak Mehrnaz was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She inherited her passion for learning languages from her mother, who is from Azerbaijan, Iran. She speaks Persian, Azeri, English, and Japanese. She has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tehran. She loves reading and watching sitcoms and TV shows, which is where she learned most of her English. She has been teaching English since January 2014 in several institutes. She joined PersianPod101 in March 2015 and is very excited to be teaching Persian and introducing Iranian culture and literature. She loves reading Rumi’s poems and sharing his messages and teachings with people all around the world. She hopes every Persian learner will be able to read and understand them soon.
Hojat Abyaneh Hojat Abyaneh Hojat Abyaneh was born in Tehran, Iran and raised around the world. He is a native Persian and English speaker who has been learning Japanese since going to Japan in 2015. He loves travelling and experiencing new cultures. Hojat has lived in India, Vietnam, Ireland, and Malaysia and is now studying towards an MBA at Waseda University, Tokyo. His hobbies include traveling, meeting new and interesting people, and playing sports. He also used to be a TV series addict but due to his recent tight schedule, he is currently undergoing withdrawals! He became interested in working for Innovative Language after using to fast-track his Japanese speaking skills. He is passionately in love with Iran and hopes to transfer this enthusiasm through the lessons at Besides, who would be crazy enough not to like a job that only requires you to read sentences into a microphone?
Ali Najmi Moghadam Ali Najmi Moghadam Ali was born in Tehran, Iran. He is a Mechanical Engineer and speaks Persian, English, and Bahasa Indonesia. Ali is a professional supervisor in the oil and gas drilling industry. Also, he is a teacher, writer, and translator. He enjoys helping others learn Persian, one of the most beautiful languages.
Negar Negar Negar is a Media-Art Ph.D. Candidate in Tokyo. She was born and raised in Iran. Her native language is Persian and her mother tongue is Azerbaijani. She has a masters degree in Fine Arts and before coming to Japan, she was working as a lecturer in the university and a freelance artist. She is interested in the investigation of innovative approaches for new technologies with Arts and Design.