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Lesson Transcript

Salām be hamegi! Man Anita hastam. Hi everybody! I’m Anita
Welcome to PersianPod101.com’s “Persian in 3 minutes.” The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Persian.
In the last lesson, you learned how to use Persian adjectives.
In this lesson we will start a series dedicated to the most common Persian verbs, the ones you will certainly hear all the time!
The first verb in our series will be raftan, which means "to go". So let's go!
So imagine someone asks you barāye tatilāt be kojā miravid? That means "Where are you going for your holidays?" in a formal form.
If you are going to the mountains to ski, you will say be kooh miravam.
[slowly] be kooh miravam.
"I’m going to the mountain."
So let’s break down this answer:
First we had:
Be which is "to".
Then we have Kooh which is a noun that means mountain.
Finally we have miravam, meaning "I am going ".
Let's go even further and break down this verb...
There are three parts: mi - rav - am.
"Rav" is the present root of Raftan.
"Am" at the end of miravam, shows us that this is the 1st person form of the verb raftan. Then, since it's present indicative tense, we have added mi before it.
be kooh miravam.
Let's go back to the question: kojā miravid? "Where are you going" This is a formal form. Do you remember how to make it informal? Yes! You should erase "id" which makes the verb plural or formal, and put an i instead.
kojā miravi?
[slowly] kojā miravi?
You know by now that there are usually shorter versions for Persian verbs, and they are more commonly used too.
Instead of miravid you can say mirid or miri.
kojā mirid? kojā miri? "Where are you going?"
[slowly] kojā mirid? kojā miri?
And instead of Miravam, you say: Miram.
be kooh miram.
"I'm going to the mountain."
[slowly] be kooh miram.
Now it’s time for Anita's Advice.
In Persian, we often use dahstan before a verb when we want to say that we are doing something right at that moment.
For example Dāram miram, which is like "I am going - right now as I'm saying this-"
or Dāram mikhoram: “I am eating right now”.
We also say it in the past: "man dashtam miraftam", which again means something like "I was going", depending on the context.
So, in this lesson, you learned how to use the verb raftan, and to use correct linking words with it to talk about your destination.
Next time, we’ll learn another very useful verb, kardan.
Do you know what this verb means? I'll be waiting for you with the answer in the next “Persian in 3 minutes” lesson!