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Lesson Transcript

Culture Class: Holidays in Iran, Season 1, Lesson 22 - Philanthropy Day
Hello, and welcome to the Culture Class- Holidays in Iran Series at PersianPod101.com. In this series, we’re exploring the traditions behind Iranian holidays and observances. I’m Eric, and you're listening to Season 1, Lesson 22, Philanthropy Day. In Persian, it’s called Jashn-e nikookaari.
The Philanthropy Celebration is very similar to the Aatefe-haa celebration. The difference between these two holidays is that the Philanthropy Celebration is held on the threshold of spring rather than at the beginning of fall. It also is held not just for the benefit of children in need, but for all the people of Iran.
In this lesson, you will learn about how during Philanthropy Celebration week, people in Iran do a variety of good deeds. This celebration is also referred to as Ehsaan, which in Persian literally means "doing good deeds."
Now, before we get into more detail, do you know the answer to this question-
What institution or organization is the main administrator of Philanthropy Celebration in Iran?
If you don't already know, you’ll find out a bit later. Keep listening.
Philanthropy means "doing good deeds," so the Philanthropy Celebration in Iran not only involves collecting gifts and donations, or in Persian ataayaa; it also includes sharing one's food with others, donating one's under-used clothes, and spending time, or vaght, with children and the elderly. The Philanthropy Celebration is actually held over a period of time lasting from three days up to one week in the middle of Esfand. During this time, many people break open their piggy banks so they can spend their savings to help others and give gifts to the needy.
There are also a number of charitable organizations established in Iran that support children suffering from cancer or terminal illnesses. These organizations run a variety of programs that collect voluntary donations to benefit these children as well as others wrestling with debilitating illnesses. It is very common to find donation boxes distributed around town, and many charity concerts, in Persian konsert, are held by charitable artists in order to raise money to assist these organizations.
In Iran, Ehsaan, meaning “philanthropy,” is a common boy’s name, and Aatefeh, meaning “affection” or “sympathy,” is a common name for girls. The beauty of these two names resides in the depth of their meaning, which is proof of the sweetness of Farsi.
Now it's time to answer our quiz question-
What institution or organization is the main administrator of the Philanthropy Celebration in Iran?
After the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, an organization called Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation was established to collect alms and to help the needy, the oppressed, and the ill. The date of this foundation's establishment coincides with the date of the first day of the Philanthropy Celebration.
So listeners, how did you like this lesson? Did you learn anything interesting?
Do you have a special day for doing good deeds in your country?
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