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Lesson Transcript

Mohammad: Hi everyone! I’m Mohammad!
Becky: And I’m Becky. Welcome back to PersianPod101.com! This is All About, Lesson 11- Top 5 Tools for Learning Persian.
Mohammad: In this lesson, we will list some tools that will help your Persian studies.

Lesson focus

Becky: That’s right! These tools could help you enjoy your Persian studies as much as possible, and save you a lot of time.
Mohammad: Right. So why don’t we jump right in?
Becky: Sure. Our first tool is Persian-speaking friends! We recommend you visit the website www.interpals.net.
Mohammad: If you're not a classroom type of person, and are looking for a fun way to learn the language, this can be your best choice.
Becky: That’s right. No one can teach you the correct Persian language as well as a Persian-speaking Friend.
Mohammad: This way, you will have the opportunity to practically learn the subtle points that aren't written in any books or taught in any classrooms.
Becky: Okay, let’s hear about the next tool - Books, and Cultural Centers.
Mohammad: Have you ever read any of those travel phrasebooks, or similar self-tutorial books? Even though they might not be so perfect, they are a good starting point, and have a collection of general information on words, and useful daily conversations.
Becky: Yes, and you can take them anywhere. But where can we find them in the first place?
Mohammad: In any bookstore or library near you. Or you could contact the nearest Iranian Embassy.
Becky: That’s a good tip - embassies are also a good place to get helpful information about learning the language. Some embassies even have cultural sections with libraries, right?
Mohammad: That's right.
Becky: You can watch movies and cartoons in Persian. As you know, one of the best ways of learning the Persian language is to watch movies or cartoons, since they show the language used in different situations.
Mohammad: Yes, and it becomes easier to memorize when you have fun while learning.
Becky: Great!
Mohammad: It's a very good idea to learn Persian from online tutoring websites. You can find audio and video files, and examples for pronunciation and grammar, and much more.
Becky: Okay, what’s the next tool?
Mohammad: It’s easypersian.com. It has written samples and resources which you can use for improving your Persian.
Becky: Also, you can find the Persian dictionary at this site.
Mohammad: It seems like we’ve talked about all five tools now.
Becky: But before we go, let’s not dismiss the best tool…
Mohammad: Oh! What is it?
Becky: PersianPod101.com! We provide not only regular lessons, but also audio blogs, vocabulary and flashcards, videos, and staff to help you out!
Mohammad: (laughs) Ok, enough advertising! That’s all for this lesson.
Becky: We hope that you start to use these tools and tips right away! And remember, we are speaking from personal experience. These tools all work!


Becky: Thank you for listening, everyone. See you next time!
Mohammad: Bye.