Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I’m Azi.
Do you want to amaze a native speakers? This lesson is regarding that.
Welcome to the lesson for 10 Ways to Amaze Native Speakers.
It’s very fun, let’s get started.
ممنون ولی فارسی زبان مادری من نیست.
(mamnoon vali faarsi zaboon-e maadari-ye man nist.)
"Thank you but I'm not a native speaker actually."
Oh! It means you already speak very well and someone thought you’re a native speaker. That’s perfect! Go ahead!
فقط یک سال طول کشید تا بتوانم روان صحبت کنم.
(faghat yeh saal tool keshid taa betoonam ravoon sohbat konam.)
"It took me only one year to become fluent" in English.
I think one year is pretty good. Anyway, I think it depends on how much time you spend on it or what other languages you already know.
من تا سه سال دیگر فارسی را مثل یک فارسی زبان صحبت می کنم.
(man taa seh saal-e digeh faarsi-yo mesl-e yeh faarsi zabaan sohbat mikonam.)
"I’ll speak Persian like a native speaker in three years."
Ya, as I said, there are different factor to affect the duration of becoming a fluent speak and you can speak like an Iranian native.
من ده سال است که دارم فارسی یاد می گیرم.
(man dah saaleh keh daaram faarsi yaad migiram.)
"I've been learning Persian for ten years."
That’s quite a long time and it means you already know how beautiful this language is.
من می توانم فیلم های ایرانی را بدون زیر نویس تماشا کنیم.
(man mitoonam filmaay-e iraani-yo bedoon-e zir nevis tamaashaa konam.)
"I can watch Iranian movies without subtitles.)
That’s amazing! If you can really do it! It means you can really understand anything and you’re a real pro! Watching Iranian movies can make you familiar with the culture and you can understand a lot of idioms and words.
فارسی یاد گرفتن سرگرم کننده وآسان است.
(faarsi yaad gerften sargarm konandeh o asooneh.)
"Persian is fun and easy to learn!”
Yes, it’s absolutely true. This is really beautiful and as you learn Persian, you open the door to Persian’s treasure of culture, beauty, and even history.
فارسی را خودم دارم یاد میگیرم.
(faarsiy-o khodam daaram yaad migiram.)
"I'm learning Persian all by myself."
Nowadays, with internet, all the free materials and good resources for learning, you can self-learn Persian fast and easy. But if it was 50 years ago, it wasn’t that easy.
من هر چه را که گفتی کامل فهمیدم.
(man har chi-yo ke gofti kaamel fahmidam.)
"I completely understood everything you said. )
It’s perfect! Congratulations! It means you can easily communicate with the Persians and you can speak with them easily.
من میخوام معلم زبان فارسی بشوم.
(man mikham mo'al-lem-e zabaan-e faarsi besham.)
"I want to become a Persian language teacher."
I was a language teacher before when I was in Iran, and I know being and working as a mo'allem (teacher) is very interesting. It’s full of fun.
دوست دارم بتوانم یک روز کتاب ترجمه کنم.
(doost daaram betoonam yeh rooz ketaab tarjomeh konam.)
"I'd like to be able to translate books someday.
I hope you really can do that. The books by Rumi and Khayyam, the Persian poets of 800 year ago, now are among the best seller of US books.
Okay! This is the end of the lesson for 10 Phrases to Amaze Native Speakers. I hope you can amaze them more and more.
Ok, see you next time! Bye-bye!