Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I’m Azi.
Welcome to the lesson of 10 Ways to Save the Planet in Persian.
I hope you enjoy the lesson today. Ok, let’s get started.
بازیافت کردن
(baazyaaft kardan)
"to recycle"
The first word is…
بازیافت کردن
(baazyaaft kardan)
"to recycle"
در اتریش بيشتر كاغذها بازيافت مي شوند.
(dar injaa bishtar-e kaaghazhaa baazyaaft mishavand.)
Or in informal situation, you can say
تو اتریش بيشتر كاغذا بازيافت مي شن.
(too injaa bishtar-e kaaghazaa baazyaaft mishan.)
"Most of the paper is recycled in Austria."
That’s amazing. And here, where I’m living, it’s not very common. But I heard about the new generation of printers which can recycle the paper within three minutes, and you can use it in your office or at your home. I hope this generation will come to my country soon.
داوطلب شدن
(daavtalab shodan)
"to volunteer"
خواهرم برای پاکسازی ساحل داوطلب شد.
(khaaharam baraay-e paaksaazi-ye saahel daavtalab shod.)
"My sister volunteered to clean up the beach."
Have you ever volunteered for a job? I have several volunteer experiences and I noticed that I always felt fantastic afterward when you see all the changes you’ve made, and can see the result of your efforts, that’s amazing. If you haven’t tried it so far, try it, because it has a lot of positivity.
محافظت کردن
(mohaafezat kardan)
"to protect"
ما باید از منابع طبیعی محافظت کنیم.
(maa baayad az manaab'e tabi'i mohaafezat konim.)
"We must protect our natural resources."
All of us knows that natural resources are limited, and if we don’t protect them and just use them, we will have a shortage of them soon.
دوباره استفاده کردن
(dobaareh estefaaadeh kardan)
"to reuse"
چرا از کیسه های پلاستیکی دوباره استفاده نمی کنید؟
(cheraa az kiseh haay-e pelaastiki dobaareh estefaadeh nemikid?)
"Why don't you reuse plastic bags?"
To reuse or not to do, that’s the question.
I think reusing has numerous environmental benefits, it can safe energy and limit pollution, protect natural resources, and most important one, you can save a lot of money.
نگهداری کردن
(negahdaari kardan)
"to conserve"
خاموش کردن دستگاه های الکتریکی وقتی از آنها استفاده نمی کنیم یک راه نگهداری انرژی است.
(khaamoosh kardan-e dastgaah haay-e elektriki vaghti az aanhaa estefaadeh nemikonim yek raah-e hefz-e energhuy ast.)
"Turning off electronic devices when you don't use them is one way to conserve energy."
Of course, this is a good way of converserving energy. Now, you count in your house, how many devices are plugged in in your hosue? It’s a good exercise, I think. And if you break it down room by room, then you can probably come up with an estimate.
استفاده کردن از انرژی های پاک
(estefaadeh kardan az enezhi haay-e paak)
"to use clean energies"
با استفاده از انرژی های پاک آلودگی هوای کمتری خواهیم داشت.
(baa estefaadeh az enerzhi haay-e paak aaloodegi havaay-e kamtari khaahim daasht.)
"By using clean energies, we will have less air pollution."
Renewable energy resources like green and solar-power generate electricity cause low or even no pollution and of course good for the environment.
از محیط زیست مراقبت کردن
(az mohit-e zist moraaghebat kardan)
"to care for the environment"
شما چگونه از محیط زیست مراقبت می کنید؟
(shomaa chegooneh az mohit-e zist moraaghebat mikonid?)
"How do you care for the environment?"
For me, caring for the environment is accompanied with a big “Less”, always, less power, less water, and maybe less trash.
از محصولات دوست دار اکوسیستم استفاده کردن
(az mahsoola-te doost daar-e mohit-e zist estefaadeh kardan)
"to use eco-friendly products"
لباس های نخی از محصولات دوست دار محیط زیست هستند.
(lebaas haay-e nakhi az mahsoolat-e doost daar-e mohit zist hastand.)
"Cotton clothing is an eco-friendly product."
When I was pregnant, I was always caring about the products that I used, about the clothes, the makeup. I always read the labels, is that organic? Is that 100% natural? And I take care of my baby also like that. Anyway, the eco-friendly products does not mean 100% natural, any products which don’t harm the environment, even during the production, are called eco-friendly.
So maybe a product that are made 100% from recycled material maybe can be considered as an eco-friendly product.
آب را هدر ندادن
(aab raa hadar nadaadan)
"not to waste water"
برای جلوگیری از خشکسالی، آب را هدر ندهیم.
(baraay-e jologiri az khoshksaali aab raa hadar nadahim.)
"To prevent droughts, let's not waste water."
Yes, please. Do not leave the tap on when you’re brushing your teeth. And when you are washing the dishes, when you have to come out from the shower for answering the phone.
از وسایل نقلیه عمومی استفاده کردن
(az vasaay-le naghliye-ye oomoomi estefaadeh kardan)
"to use public transport"
چند بار در هفته از وسایل نقلیه عمومی استفاده می کنید؟
(chand baar dar hafteh az vasaayl-e naghli-ye-ye oomoomi estefaadeh mikonid?)
"How many times a week do you use public transportation?"
When I was a student, I almost used public transportation everyday. But nowadays, with a small baby, I rarely use them. How about you?
(chand baar dar hafteh az vasaayl-e naghli-ye-ye oomoomi estefaadeh mikonid?)
"How many times a week do you use public transportation?"
Ok? So this is the end of the lesson for 10 Ways to Save the Planet in Persian. I hope you enjoyed the lesson today. And please leave a comment about your ways to save the planet. Of course, if you want to learn more sentences, write that in the comment and give me some feedback. Bye-bye, and see you next time.