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You learn Persian with your own teacher – a guided learning system. This includes:

  • 1-on-1 Interaction with your personal teacher at PersianPod101
  • 1-on-1 learning on the app, anywhere, anytime: Android, iPhone & iPad
  • Guidance & ongoing assessment so you always know what to study next
  • Your own personalized learning program based on your needs
  • Weekly assignments – reading, writing & speaking – to hone your Persian skills
  • Non-stop feedback, answers and corrections so you’re always improving
  • Badges for completed assignments to keep you motivated

And you unlock full access our self-study learning system as well. That’s 100+ hours of audio/video courses, study tools, bonus apps and more. So you get the best of both worldsaccess to a teacher and the ability to learn at your pace with fast, fun and easy lessons.

What can you expect the moment you upgrade to Premium PLUS?

Assessment Test

Get started by taking your Level Assessment

Now, we know it can be tempting to jump ahead. You’re ready to start practicing, after all… You’ve got 1000 questions…

…but, whatever you do, don’t skip this step! It’s going to serve as the foundation for your entire course, and your teacher will use the information to get you pointed in the right direction. In the end, you will save a lot of time.

After you complete the Level Assessment Test, you will receive study recommendations by email so you can get started in the fastest, most efficient way.


Next, log in to Premium Plus Messenger and write a self-introduction.

This key exercise will set the stage for every future relationship you’ll have with speakers of the language you’re studying.

If you have trouble with this, it’s no problem. Just ask! Your teacher is there for you.

After your teacher receives your self-introduction, he or she will review it, offer feedback and corrections, and help you make it even stronger.

Record Yourself

Writing your self-introduction is an important step, but how many times will you introduce yourself in writing?

Probably not as many times as you’ll need to speak it out loud. That’s why your next step is to record your self-introduction.

Few people know this, but this is one of the secrets to learning a language.

Your teacher will help you improve pronunciation and fluency, but, more importantly, this activity will give you confidence to use your self-introduction in your everyday life.

Set Your Self-study Schedule

Your teacher can offer you an unlimited amount of flexibility in organizing your studies.

For best results, though, you should set up a self-study schedule ahead of time and then submit it to your teacher.

This will help you stay on track, and your teacher can use it to keep you accountable to your commitment.

To help you plan, we’ve created a form that lets you break down your study week-by-week.

Premium PLUS


Complete Lesson Archive Access
Access to every single audio & video lesson we’ve ever created
PDF Lesson Notes
Printable PDF Lesson Notes with every lesson
Lesson Checklist
Stay on track with the handy Lesson Checklist
Persian Core Words and Phrases
Core word lists detail the most frequently used words and phrases in the Persian language
Access on Android, iPhone or iPad
Learn Persian on the go! Get our personalized learning system on your mobile device
Season Vocabulary
Review all the vocab from any lesson season with one handy list
Exclusive! Custom Word Lists
Create your very own word lists to study and share!
Line-by-Line Audio Transcript
Follow lessons at your own pace, line-by-line
Interactive Lesson Quizzes
Consolidate what you learn with lesson quizzes
Pronunciation & Accent Review
Compare your voice to a native speaker’s with the easy-to-use interactive voice recorder
Vocabulary Slideshow
Learn the core words and phrases passively with our audio-visual learning slideshow
My Word Bank
Your very own personal vocabulary database. Label and tag words for easy filtering and organization
Spaced Repetition Flashcards
Drill vocab from lessons, word lists, and My Word Bank with our sophisticated flashcards system
My Feeds
Customizable RSS feeds designed with convenience, flexibility, and mobility in mind
Persian Dictionary
Persian Dictionary
Grammar Bank
A powerful database of nearly 400 grammar items
High Definition Video
Unlock high-definition Persian video lessons made by real teachers
Professional Assessment
Get a personal assessment by one of our highly experienced Persian specialists
Personalized Learning Program
A study plan tailored to your specific needs
1-on-1 Instruction
Personal instruction from one of our Persian teachers via Premium Plus My Teacher

“Now I see I should have signed into Premium PLUS program immediately at the beginning. My progress would be much faster because the program is very well thought through and helps develop quickly in writing, listening and speaking the language in a relatively short period of time.”
- Libuse Kral

I have been enjoying learning with premium PLUS for a little more than a year now. The teaching program is very well done. I have found it a pleasure to be able to ask the teacher anything relating to the language. I have been able to work on parts of grammar that I did not understand and have the teacher correct them, or get information on what words or expressions are currently being used. I am very happy with the program and really having a good time learning the language.”
-Theresa Linarelli

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