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Persian Word of the Day - Thursday (noun)

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پنج شنبه (panj shanbe) Thursday (noun)

فردا چهارشنبه است، و روز بعد از آن پنج شنبه است.
fardaa chaahaar shanbe ast, va rooz-e bad aan pasnjshanbe ast.
Tomorrow is Wednesday, and the day after tomorrow is Thursday.

دوشنبه، سه شنبه، چهارشنبه، پنجشنبه و جمعه روزهای کاری هفته هستند.
doshanbe, seshanbe, chaahaarshanbe, panjshanbe va jome roozhaaye kaari-e hafte hastand.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are weekdays.

پنجشنبه، سوم ژانویه
panjshanbe, sevom-e zhaanvie
Thursday, January 3rd

روز پنجشنبه
rooz-e panjshanbe
on Thursday

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